Rotary Kiln

Rotary Kiln

The Rotary Kiln is thermal processing equipment for heating the bulk or slurry material and is used in various industries such as non-ferrous metallurgy, ferrous metallurgy, refractories, cement, environmental protection,chemical and paper industries.

Rotary Kiln structure features:
The kiln is composed of the cylindrical shell ,kiln liner, cylinder accessories , sealing device at kiln outlet ,transmission device ,supporting device with thrust roller ,burner ,sealing device at kiln inlet , feeding device etc. The kiln shell is designed to keep some inclination to level .It is supported by the roller supporting device and equipped with thrust roller device to control the up and down moving of the shell .The driving system is equipped not only the main driving gear unit but also the auxiliary driving used to keep the shell rotating even when the main power is broken so as to prevent the shell from any bending and distortion .As the kiln head and tail are sealed by advanced technology ,the sealing of the kiln is fairly reliable.

Rotary Kiln working principle:
Materials enter from the kiln outlet (the high end of the cylinder) into the kiln for calcination. Due to the tilt cylinder and slowly rotating, materials are not only  rolling along the circumferential direction but also moving along the axial direction (from high to low), continuing to complete the process. Finally, the clinker enter into the cooler through kiln hood for cooling. Fuel is sprayed into the kiln through the kiln head, and exhaust gas produced by combustion exchanges with material, and then discharges from kiln outlet.

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