Cement ball mill

In recent years, with the development and wide application of ball mill, the cement grinding process and level of operation control are greatly enriched and developed. Cement grinding are dry grinding. According to the different types and strength of cement

Gold ore ball mill

In the ball mill, there are many large ?scale steel balls. When the ball mill rotates continuously, the gold ore and the ball hit each other. Ore will be similar as the sand flow, and the pulp flow out through mercury board.

Rotary Kiln in Alumina plant

Rotary kiln is the thermal processing equipment applied to heat the bulk or pasty materials ,and the advent of it is more than one hundred years. Rotary kiln is widely used in non-ferrous metallurgy, ferrous metallurgy, refractory materials, cement, chemical and paper industries.

Kaolin Rotary Kiln

Kaolin calcining is the process of endothermic, decarbonization, dehydration, heat, phase transformation.Internal heating type rotary kiln of calcining , is essentially that when the calcining kaolin reached a temperature of exothermic peak

Raymond mill for Talc powder grinding plant

Talc powder processing is mainly the dry processing, using dry mill ( including raymond mill,ultra superfine mill) and air classifier combination equipment.

Raymond mill in titanium dioxide plant

Since the cooling kiln , crude products of titanium dioxide are vertically transported by the elevator to the storage hopper, then by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder directly added into raymond mill body

Hematite and magnetite iron ore processing machinery

Hematite and magnetite iron ore crusher
Improving crushing efficiency, and reducing the crushing particle size, realising the more crushing less grinding, has been the direction of the iron ore beneficiation energy saving efforts, at the same time, pre-selection techniques, magnetic roasting decile selected technical efficiency improvements are based on further reducing the crushing granularity. Our company's new cone crusher brings hope to the concentrator plant's energy saving .

Cone Crusher structural features:
1. The machine structure is compact, high production efficiency, bowl bearings with high precision reserves, and a centralized lubrication system. When it needs to adjust the size of the discharge opening, start the hydraulic station ,and by promoting the cylinder to be adjusted. When the material that can not be crushed into the crushing chamber, the spring safety device will protect the equipment from damage.

2. The machine adopts grease sealing method , which can avoid the phenomenon of water and oil mixture caused by improper operation. When the seals wear, due to the action of the spring, can automatically compensate, so that the seal is still attached together, and continue to play a sealing function. When seal wear is about 1/4-1/3 of the original thickness, it is necessary to exchange the seals.

High phosphorus hematite mineral processing and equipment
High phosphorus hematite mineral processing include ore crushing and screening, grinding and classification, the dephosphorization agent dealing, flotation beneficiation, ore grading. The new hematite beneficiation process is characterized by that high-phosphorus hematite iron ore ore first by crushing and screening, grinding and classification , then impose dephosphorizer, and after two flotation dephosphorization to achieve removal of silicon, then the joint use of the spiral chute and shaking table for the mineral powder rougher flotaion, cleaner flotation, scavenging, so that improve the taste of iron and reduce the elements phosphorus, silicon content in order to meet the requirements of getting into the furnace, iron ore smelting process .

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